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  • Ricks Beading Loom Qty:1 [RVLoom-1]

    The Ricks Bead­ing Loom comes fully assem­bled with three warp rods  (one is a spare), four warp pegs (one is a spare), a warp sep­a­ra­tor card and easy-to-follow step-by-step instruc­tions fully illus­trated in color to get you started.

    Sturdy hard­wood con­struc­tion for a life­time of bead­ing. The ergonomic design lets you to bead at a com­fort­able, nat­ural angle and lessens strain on your wrists. Fully adjustable from two to twelve inches in length — this allows you to make a vari­ety of projects of nearly any size.  A per­fect fin­ish every time!  You’re left with only TWO WARP THREADS to weave back in after you com­plete your project.  The same project woven on an ordi­nary loom (left) leaves you with lots of messy warp threads to weave back in.  With The Ricks Bead­ing Loom, you never have more than two warp threads left to deal with (as seen on the right).

    You can use any size or shape bead with­out any adap­ters –  even mix bead sizes and types in the same project. Cre­ate jew­el­ery and wear­able art impos­si­ble to make on other looms.  You can loom with Japan­ese cylin­der beads, seed beads of any size (and mix sizes if you wish). You can loom with two-hole flat beads, bi-cone or fire pol­ished crys­tals. All with­out mak­ing any changes or installing any adap­tors on your loom. You’re finally free to cre­ate, to do what the artist inside of you dictates.

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    the Ricks Beading loom (03:42)
    Never have more than two warp threads! the Ricks Beading loom is a patent protected BEADSMITH exclusive item. Use any size bead and even mix bead sizes easily! With a comprehensive users guide, adjustable length, quality construction and, ergonomic design this loom will quickly become popular item. From Paul Ricks- Inventor of the BEAD LOOM- I have made a wider loom in the past, but discontinued it because (a) it was a slow seller and (b) about 9 inches wide is the widest practical width for this method of looming. If you go wider than about 4", you must use a much heavier gauge music rod for the warp rods to give them enough strength to resist bowing. This means the rods will have a larger diameter and that would produce an unacceptably large loop in the ends of the warp threads resulting in a "loose" finished project. For the 9" wide loom I produced I used .075 music rod and that was OK. Anything larger is unacceptable. I have had a few people request looms of greater width and I recommend to them that they make their project in 3" wide strips and square stitch the strips together to make their wider projects. I hope this answers your question ........ Paul
    • the Ricks Bead...
      Never have more than two warp threads! the Ricks Beading loom...

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    1. Ricky's Loom 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 14th Apr 2020

      Wow! I had the small portable loom but felt I needed the bigger one to make larger projects! I am so very glad I made this purchase! Worth every penny. Wish he would make an even bigger one to be able to make larger, wider banners. Just a super tool to have.

    2. new loom is easy 4 Star Review

      Posted by on 24th May 2016

      I have been beading since I was 6 years old and have used various looms over the decades and this Ricks Beading Loom is the easiest. My only complaint is that I wish it was available for Belts... peace & friendship Agnes Gould